Asia Group
ASIAE is positioned as "One company, total solutions ". Founded in 1998, ASIAE is a new high-tech enterprise for R&D, manufacturing and providing services of coatings, prefabricated boards, thermal insulation, waterproof, mortar and new home decoration materials. ASIAE has won the " Preferred supplier for the Top 500 Real Estate Development Enterprises in China" for 13 consecutive years. It ranks first in the industry in terms of brand preference index of thermal insulation materials, integrated system of coating, thermal insulation and waterproofing, integration of coating, decoration and thermal insulation (materials), third in terms of coatings, and 10th in terms of waterproofing. It has been titled as “Top 100 Manufacturing Enterprises in Shanghai and "Top 100 Private Manufacturing Enterprises in Shanghai" for 8 consecutive years, and has also entered "Shanghai Top 100 Emerging Industry Enterprises". In 2017, ASIAE (stock code :603378) was listed on the main board of Shanghai Stock Exchange, becoming the first company listed in the main board‘ s building energy conservation and decorative materials sector in China, and opened a new chapter of sustainable development. In 2018, on the occasion of its 20th anniversary, ASIAE started the "New era of youthful ASIAE" to create an ecosystem and culture of sustainable development. Over the past 25 years, based on the development strategy of "industry specialization, field diversification and expansion along the core competitiveness" and the competitive strategy of "total cost leadership", ASIAE has created a series of horizontal synergistic businesses integrating 6 major industries, namely coatings, prefabricated boards, thermal insulation, waterproofing, mortar and new home decoration materials. Meanwhile, it connects upstream technologies and multiple supply chain nodes, forming vertical synergistic businesses with cost and technical advantages. Based on its production capacity distribution of 1+6+N and 1+8+N , ASIAE has built its main framework of large supply chain 1+5+20 in China, namely 1 headquarters in Shanghai, 5 major comprehensive smart manufacturing bases (super factories) and 20 subcontractors. With the guidance of ecosystem and culture of sustainable development, ASIAE aspires to become an enterprise keeping pace with the times, starts the digital transformation of traditional enterprises, builds a digital ASIAE, and realizes the industries+ digitalized operation.
Strategic Cooperation
The Top 500 China Real Estate Development Enterprises’ preferred supplier
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